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Keynote Addresses

Duane vividly tells his story of survival in spite of years of sexual abuse at the hands of his step-father Ransom Hughes through his Keynote Addresses.  He motivates and inspires individuals in the audience to either start their journey to heal themselves or help others heal.  He passionately tells the raw and detailed history of his experience as an abused child in his younger years, as a popular teenager, as an All-State athlete with a secret and as a division 1 college athlete who is wounded and Playing Hurt in Life (P.H.I.L).  As an adult, he desires love and healing but leaves a path of relationships that he has destroyed.  He also enlightens the audience to the people, the qualities and the events in his life that helped save him.  Some of those items are in the P.H.I.L. Survivor Guide.  The driving force behind his presentations is to give the listener tools to live the life they were meant to live.  These keynotes are designed for survivors, professionals and advocates.

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